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The OPT-NC’s  Job Directory describes the OPT-NC’s 112 jobs in details. Relying on the notion of jobs allows a classification by activities and expected skills, some of which are shared by several positions.

The OPT-NC’s Jobs Directory gives a complete and structured snapshot of the OPT-NC’s jobs at a given time. It is a basis, a point of departure- which may enable to  anticipate the evolutions of each job and help prepare short and medium term projections regarding the skill needs of the future.

 It is a key optimization tool in hiring and mobility. It also participates in data quality through a structuring of information from IS HR.

The DRHFPNC created New Caledonia’s Register of Public Service Jobs (RESPNC*) and our Directory aims to complement it, more particularly on specific jobs linked to the OPT-NC’s activities.

We differentiated our cross-cutting jobs, which exist in other general administrations from our specific jobs associated with our areas of expertise: postal, banking or commercial services.

1. 2 jobs classifications: 

A/ Classification of Cross-Cutting Jobs
B/ Classification of Jobs Specific to the OPT-NC

2. The Job Register



Ateliers & véhicules3 job(s) file(s)
Communication2 job(s) file(s)
Culture1 job(s) file(s)
Développement des télécommunications1 job(s) file(s)
Entretien surveillance logistique4 job(s) file(s)
Environnement1 job(s) file(s)
Espaces verts1 job(s) file(s)
Finance & budget4 job(s) file(s)
Formation professionnelle2 job(s) file(s)
Imprimerie1 job(s) file(s)
Ingénierie juridique2 job(s) file(s)
Travail1 job(s) file(s)