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Thanks to its multiple activities, the OPT-NC offers young New Caledonians looking for a job of the future. genuine opportunities to discover the professional world. Several pathways enable to explore the OPT-NC, its missions and its careers.

The OPT-NC hires young New Caledonian looking for work experience as seasonal workers every year. Young employees acquire their first working habits by learning alongside permanent employees who share their knowledge.

For summer jobs, The OPT-NC relies on provincial relays :

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summer jobs offered
interns welcomed
apprentices welcomed

To enable numerous students to discover the professional world, the OPT-NC welcomes interns with different education levels, BTS, DUT, student engineers…. Young people come to apply their theoretical knowledge in the field and learn from their more experienced peers , who are happy to share their skills and knowledge.

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In 2017, The OPT-NC implemented a program enabling to welcome students in work-linked training arrangement. This process benefits both parties:  Young people get gradual and adapted professionalization throughout the training and the OPT-NC gets a dynamic and motivated employee.

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