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Quality of life at work, risk prevention, health and safety… the OPT-NC is committed to the well-being of its staff members which contributes to satisfy customers more successfully.

Modern management links 2 experiences:  the customer’s and the employee’s.  One’s satisfaction often lies in the extension of the other’s well-being. Therefore, the OPT-NC has been committed to the development of the quality of life at work. For several years. The key words are support and prevention.

The BEST program enabled the development of greater cohesion in certain units and the raising of awareness of the fact that everyone must take ownership of their own health and well-being, and notably implement changes in alimentary habits both at home and at work. It also enables the organization of physical activities between colleagues, both inside and outside the workplace.

Kareen Hubert Chargé(e) de mission RH, coordinatrice du programme BEST

Identify risks as early as possible to act preventatively and contribute to preserving everyone’s health.

The OPT-NC has been developing a prevention policy supported by an evaluation process of professional risks (EvRP) which enables to define an action plan integrating good practices in all areas, for several years.

The reflexion around accidents at work  not only to diminish their frequency and gravity but also to analyze the circumstances of  accidents to make sure they do not happen again is another axe of intervention.

Department for Human Resources’ advisers support OPT-NC’s employees on a daily basis.

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Advisers participate, with all the agents in the improvement of quality of life at work. Their actions facilitate the implementation of a more serene work environment and the efficiency of the different teams.

Lenka Wakanumune Chef de bureau QVT, Service développement des compétences et QVT - DRH