The OPT-NC’s next Strategic Plan is taking shape. The OPT-NC is undertaking a large scale reflexion on the company’s possible future big orientations, which considers major challenges facing both New Caledonia and the OPT-NC in the coming years.

To meet the challenges posed by the evolution of its environment and the issues it faces and regardless of the scenario selected by its supervisory authority, The OPT-NC has already identified structuring strategic and essential initiatives for the future.

While the definition of New Caledonia's public policies in the field of telecoms, postal and banking is still pending, the Office is making decisions that are essential for sustaining its economic situation and keeping the objective of a future strategic plan validated. by the end of 2019 with its new bodies.

Philippe GERVOLINO Directeur général par intérim de l’OPT-NC

In a complex economic context for New Caledonia, The OPT-NC must adapt by capitalizing on successes and injecting a necessary dose of modern realism.

Regardless of the content of the next strategic plan- whose essentials already defines its major axes- it is undeniable that the OPT-NC is going to have to implement some changes while strengthening others.  Financial oversight will without a doubt be strengthened, it is essential for the company’s future and its foundations, just as it is the case for other New Caledonian economic actors whether they are mining company, banks or collectivities themselves.

To support this fundamental transformation, another must continue: the digitalization of the company. This process has already started to meet the expectations of clients always on the look for digital tools aimed at making their life easier. (1012, assistant chatbot , collaborative platform   OPT&Vous...). Changes must take place internally too. With digital tools aimed at supporting expertise and free professionals time to enable them to refocus on strategic and revenue generating tasks. The ball is rolling and the OPT-NC will be able to adapt, make necessary changes and continue its efforts to serve New Caledonians.

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The OPT-NC is facing financial challenges that involve taking new orientations according to the budgetary framework of cost control and rationalization set by New Caledonia. Thus, the essential strategic are consistent with the measures taken at the level of New Caledonia.

Philippe GERVOLINO Directeur général par intérim de l’OPT-NC

Aprouved by the Board of Directors on 5 September 2018, the Strategic Essentials, the spine of the future plan are articulated around 3 axes covering both the neesd to deliver better financial performances  and actions aimed at simplifying customers’ lives.  The alignment of the organization with these issues notably the simplification of key processes will be one of the new plan’s pillar.


Improve Financial Performance


Reduce spending (costs and investments)
Stabilize revenue (exploitation products including turnover and financial products)
Optimize funding sources


Make Customers’ Lives Easier


Simplify offering
Offer a digital customer pathway
Limit sources of customer complaints



Align the Organization


Simplified the organization
Improve work satisfaction
Simplified processes
Valorize information capital