The OPT-NC translates its vision depending on issues associated with New Caledonia’s development. To meet the challenges of tomorrow, the OPT-NC reaffirms its ambition to connect New Caledonians to the world.

Through its strategy, the OPT-NC defines its actions as serving New Caledonians daily in the closest possible way. As a corporate citizen, the OPT-NC also aspire to reinforce its commitment to the country’s planning and sustainable development in New Caledonia.

This vocation translates into the mobilization of its team around a collective dynamic to stay the course. 

Legitimized by its public service mission, the OPT-NC plays a role as an investor and a strategic partner in the country’s development to create conditions that facilitate social conditions and economic development.

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Major challenges must be met by both the OPT-NC and New Caledonia.  The company has already identified structuring and essential strategic initiatives for the next few years, such as digital transformation and the prioritization of investment projects. 

The development of the OPT-NC’s new strategy requires to review the previous OPT 2017 Plan, to undertake  a diagnostic of the OPT-NC’s local and regional environment , as well as market analyses based on worldwide trends, identified long term strategic orientations  and possible evolution scenarios in the next 5 years to define strategic axes.


Review of the du Plan OPT2017

The Strategic Plan 2013-2017 was articulated around three axes: the Planning and Development Strategy, the Economic Strategy and the Internal Strategy. 5 years on, the time for a review has come. 


Strategic essentials

As the spine of the future plan, they are articulated around 3 main axes : improve financial performance, make customers’ lives easier and align the organization.

OPT-NC is facing financial issues which require to take orientations in coherence with New Caledonia’s budgetary framework based on spending management and rationalization. Therefore, the OPT-NC’s strategic essentials are aligned with the measures taken by New Caledonia.

Philippe GERVOLINO Directeur général de l’OPT-NC

New Caledonia does not escape global trends: decrease in telecom markets, decrease in the volume of mail, increase of the volume of packages, high pressure on prices, 100 % digital offers in all areas.

Regardless of the evolution scenario predicted for the next plan some initiatives are essential: reduce costs, stabilize the average income of each telecom customer, optimize the investment program….

Two key elements to take into account in the reflexion around the Strategic Plan since they will impact the OPT-NC strategic position:

  • The sectorial study on telecommunications ordered by the Government of New Caledonia and undertaken by the Digital Economy Unit (ECONUM), 
  • The decisions on the creation of a postal bank which have to be taken by New Caledonia’s institutions.
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