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The internet website is the official institutional website for the New Caledonia Postal and Telecommunication Service.

New Caledonia’s OPT

Commercial and Industrial Public Company (EPIC) registered in the RCS under number B.132 720

Port Plaisance
2 rue Paul Montchovet
98 841 NOUMEA

Phone: +687 268 200
Fax : +687 262 927

The Website is managed by the Communication Unit within the OPT-NC’s Information System Department.

Publication Director : Thomas De Deckker, Director General of New Caledonia’s OPT

Editing : The OPT-NC’s Communication Unit

The Corporate Website is hosted by :

New Caledonia’s OPT
Industrial and Commercial Public Company (EPIC)
Registered in the RCS under number B.132 720

Port Plaisance
2 rue Paul Montchovet
98 841 NOUMEA

Phone : +687 268 200
Fax : +687 262 927

Computing Department
59 rue Georges Clemenceau
Immeuble Copernic
98800 NOUMEA

Phone : +687 26 76 00

This website is the exclusive property of the OPT-NC and is protected by copyright laws, more specifically by Intellectual Property Code.  All reproduction or representation rights are reserved.

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Videos : Unless the contrary is explicitly stated, videos are owned by the OPT-NC.

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Data bases used by this website are protected by the Intellectual Property Code. Extraction of data from data bases is therefore forbidden. Any violation of this rule will lead to sanctions stipulated under the “Databases producer’s Rights” section of the Intellectual Property Code.

Brands and logos from the OPT-NC’s and its partners cannot be reproduced, partially or in full, without the OPT-NC explicit agreement.

The reproduction of texts from this site on paper is authorized, particularly for  educational purposes, under the three following conditions :

  • free distribution,
  • respect of the reproduced document’s integrity: no modifications, or alteration of any kind,
  • Clear and readable citation of the source under the following form:
    Example: "This documents comes from the website , reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.” (the website address must be included in the reference).

For other use, please Contact us

Despite the care the Postal and Telecommunication Service takes in gathering information and website editing, contents and electronic documents may contain errors or be obsolete.

Published texts may have been updated between the moment they were downloaded and the moment you consulted them.

The Post and Telecommunication Services cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions or results from the use of this information.

Information contained on the website are published for information purposes and are not contractual.

The OPT-NC may not be held responsible for technical errors (faulty display, non-downloadable document, disruptions or any event outside its control).

If you notice errors, please do not hesitate to let us now by contacting us via the form on the website.

The OPT-NC abides by obligations stipulated in the “Computing and Freedom”legislation constituted by Modified Law N°78-17 dated 6 January 1978, known as  “Computing and Freedom Law”  and the RGPD  principles made  applicable in New Caledonia.

In accordance with this law, you have a right of access, of rectification, a right to erasure ( right to oblivion) a right to limited processing and a right to portability. You can also define directives regarding the conservation, erasure, and the communication of your data after your death. 

You can for legitimate reason oppose the processing of data about yourself.

We also inform you that you can register on the anti-telemarketing list called “orange -or e-orange list ».

You can exercise all of these rights by submitting a request to:

New Caledonia’s Telecommunication and Postal Service
Data protection officer
2 rue Paul Montchovet
98841 Nouméa
New Caledonia

 And by joining a photocopy of your ID.         

To respect its users’ privacy and personal data protections, the OPT-NC declares that no personal information may be published, exchanged, transferred or ceded to a third party, on any medium without their knowledge.

Finally, in accordance with the adorementioned law, automatic processing established by the website were recorded in the personal data register managed by the OPT-NC.   

Hyperlinks on the OPT-NC’s website directing users to other websites do not engage the OPT’s responsibility regarding the content and operations of third-party websites.

The OPT-NC’s responsibility may never be engaged in case of disruptions or damages caused to the visitor’s computer system following the piracy of its website or viruses circulated without the knowledge of its technical partners.

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