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The OPT-NC contributes to the economic, social, cultural and sport development in New Caledonia by providing technical and/or financial support to different organizations and associations for local actions and events associated with its missions and values.

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Océan Hackathon NC 2021


Launch of the 2019 Dream Campaign


Movielis competition of very short films

Strong actions, which symbolizes our local commitment

47 sponsorships in 2020
with a total budget of 67,2 Million XPF



The term “sponsorship” refers to material support to an event, a person, a product or an organization to create a direct benefit. Sponsoring operations are aimed at promoting the sponsor’s image by including its name or brand.

It involves the promotion of the sponsor’s image through the inclusion of its brand or its name to create a positive effect for its corporate identity.  Considered as a kind of advertisement, it aims to increase the prestige of a brand or a product in the short to medium term. 

The sponsor uses the event as a mean of communication to target specific groups and spread a message, promote its products or develop an image. The sponsor must be able to identify a return on investment.

Reference :
Decree dated  6 January1989 regarding financial and economic terminology

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The term patronage refers to material support provided to a charitable organization or a person to enable them to undertake an activity in the general interest, without expecting to receive any direct compensation from the beneficiary. However, the patron will benefit from a 60 % tax credit as compensation.

Through its action, the beneficiary participates in the patron’s promotion and contributes in doing so to a public service mission. It must be an organization  acting in the general interest and its management must be disinterested, this condition is met when the activity undertaken is not profit based or commercial in nature  and does not benefit a small circle of people.

The action or charitable organization must also advance the general interest. This condition is met when the charitable action or organization is philanthropic, educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, sports related or participating in the enhancement of the artistic heritage, the defense of the natural environment, or the spreading of the French culture, language or scientific knowledge.

The beneficiary organization must provide the patron with a current attestation of eligibility to patronage, delivered by New Caledonia’s Department for Tax Services.

Reference :
Decree dated  6 January 1989 regarding  financial and economic terminology
Decree n°2010-2161/GNC dated 15 June 2010 taken in accordance with the provisions relative to patronage.

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