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Passing the entry examination is only a first step. Great careers are built at the OPT-NC for anyone who wants to commit with the support of a company which supports the development of professional projects.

Offering a fulfilling and varied professional experience during which everyone can contribute to the company’s development to its employees is essential to the OPT-NC.

The diversity of jobs at the OPT-NC provides numerous perspectives to employees

Developing Skills

The OPT-NC supports its employees’ skill development through the implementation of training and other programs to facilitate their mobility.

The OPT-NC is working to organize custom-made training for new employees to help them acquire skills necessary to do their jobs, sometimes specific, if not unique in the country.

These schemes take effect as soon as they join the company and work alternatively to facilitate the ownership of the professional environment and better learning of the necessary know-hows.

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The training plan which rests on the company’s Strategic Orientations, steers skills management and supports the OPT-NC’s transformation.

Managers, Heads of Departments, employees, social partners, all participate at their level in the completion of annual and pluri-annual training programs.  The OPT-NC emphasizes job skills, prevention, safety, the support of technical and technological evolutions  or management.  

With more than 4 % of the total payroll invested in professional training   of its staff. The OPT-NC joins the most dynamic New Caledonian companies in terms of training. In 2019, more than 800 people benefited from it or 2 out of 3 staff members for 4 537 training days.

For more than 10 years, the OPT-NC has chosen to integrate its training policy regarding distance learning. It now focuses its efforts on digital learning, essential elements of its adaptation strategy to technological evolutions and customers’ expectations both internal and external.

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Serenella BONINO
Année d'arrivée à l'OPT-NC :
In charge of banking organization, financial services

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his/her career
Olivier Amat
Année d'arrivée à l'OPT-NC :
Directeur des télécommunications

Discover his/her job and career.

his/her career
2 774
Interns in training
4 537
Training days
M XPF invested in training
Employees working for at least one training program