The OPT-NC’s strategy and its investments are made and implemented according to three values. These values, promoted daily by the OPT-NC’s teams are the essence of our commitments and our responsibilities towards our customers, partners and employees.


An Essential Value for our Public Service Mission

Men and women listening to and serving every customer in an agency network covering the entire New Caledonia.

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Through technical progress at the service of economic development.

Simple services and products that are constantly evolving to facilitate customers’ daily lives and adapt to their uses.

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Gatekeeper of service quality.

Teams available to better serve while respecting their public service missions.

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Day after day, the OPT-NC acts in favor of New Caledonian society. These commitments inscribe themselves in the long term and lead to concrete contributions.


Simplify Customers’ lives

Customer experience is now the main priority and should be included in daily practices and transpire in the OPT-NC’s strategic orientations.


Committing to An Open Policy

 As an actor of planning and digital development, the OPT-NC draws sustainable relations with local and international partners.


Innovate for New Caledonian

 The OPT-NC is constantly reinventing itself to adapt to the country’s profound transformation.


Inscribe Ourselves in a Responsible Process

The OPT-NC works for a responsible economy and the sustainability of social connections to meet tomorrow’s challenges.