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During the browsing of the OPT-NC’s websites, cookies may be deposited in your terminal. What follows gives information on how cookies operate and how to set them up.

A cookie is a text file deposited in your terminal (tablet, computer, mobile phone) during the visit of an ad or a website. It is aimed at collecting information on your browser and to offer you services adapted to your terminal.  Cookies are managed by your web browser.

A cookie records information regarding your browsing on the corporate website (which pages you have consulted, date and time….) which the OPT-NC will be able to read during your future visits. The length of time during which information are kept is 6 months in accordance with recommendations from the CNIL, and are not sent to third parties or used for other purposes. We also collect your IP address to determine the country from which you are connected.  The IP address is immediately made anonymous after use. The cookies installed in www. are used exclusively for:

  • Compiling frequentation statistics,
  • Obtaining geo-tracking information.

These cookies aim to establish volumetry and audience-measuring statistics for the corporate website, of different sections  as well as  the use of services proposed on each of them. 

Geo-tracking is implemented on the corporate website to obtain information called “local” adapted to your geographical location. This geo-tracking leads to the deposit of a cookie to show you contents and information corresponding to your geographical situation.

You can prevent the recording of cookies by setting up your browsers, notably in the following way:

All Browsers :

Access the cookie control panel

Edge :

  1. Click on settings
  2. Click on advanced settings.
  3. Select  “Block all cookies”

Firefox :

  1. Click on Tools and then Options
  2. Choose Privacy and select show cookies
  3. Check cookies and click delete now.

Google Chrome :

  1. Click on the setting menu and then advanced settings
  2. Look for content settings and then cookies
  3. Uncheck authorize sites to record and read  data from cookies.

Safari :

  1. Click on the Safari Menu then preferences in the edit menu
  2. Click on security and select the desired level of security

If applicable, the internet user is informed that the access to some services and sections of the website may be altered or impossible.