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As a New Caledonian public company, the OPT-NC mainly employs public servants but it can also hire non-public servants who will then have to sit the public servant examination to continue their career within the OPT-NC. Finally, the OPT-NC does from time to time publishes temporary job vacancies.

As a New Caledonian Public company, the OPT-NC mainly hires its employees through the Public Servant Examination. They are organized by the Government of New Caledonia’s Department for Human Resources and Public Service (DRHFPNC) according to an annual schedule which depends upon the needs of the OPT-NC. 

Every public servant can look through job vacancies and respond to it. The process begins on the Government of New Caledonia’s Human Resources and Public Service Department’s(DRHFPNC) website and follows the traditional job application steps  that is to say the transmission of a CV , a cover letter and specific documents to the OPT-NC’s Human Resources Department.

For the OPT-NC civil servant examinations are adapted to its professional context, which corresponds to its needs.

Catherine Gayon Directrice des ressources humaines adjointe

Different examinations are offered every year depending on needs. The Law on local employment demands the organization of two examinations for each category, one open to New Caledonian citizens and to people residing in the country for more than 10 years, the other open without residency requirement.

Each examination has its entry requirements: High-school degree or level 1 or II degrees for Category A, High school or Level IV degree for category B and without degree requirement for Category C. 

The examination schedule, registration forms and the lists of documents to attach are available online on the DRHFPNC’s website.

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The OPT-NC punctually needs specific skills.  When it is the case, it publishes job vacancies advertisement which are accessible to job seekers as long as they are registered at the dedicated office in each province: the Southern Province Employment Office, the Provincial Institution for Employment, Training and Professional Insertion (EPEFIP) in the Loyalty Islands and Cap Emploi for the Northern Province.

For temporary positions, job seekers apply through the employment office of the province in which the position to be filled is located.

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