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The OPT-NC’s governance is articulated around a Board of Directors, committees and General Management whose organization reflects its strategic priorities.

This organization enables the OPT-NC to meet its objectives and to best anticipate evolutions in its environment.  Team members are at the heart of this environment. Team members are at the heart of this organization, they all participate in the implementation of the policy defined based on their responsibilities and skills.


Board of Directors

It implements the OPT-NC's general policy as defined by New Caledonia's Government and Congress.


General Management

Coordinates all Departments, ensures the good implementation of priorities.

The OPT-NC’s different bodies are spread out between the four  spheres of responsibilities:

A Political Sphere, which includes the Board of Directors, and the Public Tender Commission , in relation with the institutions  (Government, Congress, High-Commission…). It ensures the OPT-NC and its missions’ representations, sets  strategic orientations and implements New Caledonia’s policy for the OPT-NC.

Internally, a strategic sphere which includes the Executive Committee (ComEx), the Steering Committee (CoDir) and the Project CoDir, decision-making bodies which propose strategic orientations, translate them into actions and prioritize them within the framework defined by the Political Sphere.

A Tactical Sphere focused on implementing the Strategic Plan and the cross-cutting aspects between projects. Cross cutting Technical Committees have been created ( expanded CoDir, Expertise Committees (CoMet),  Digital Committee, Heritage and Real Estate Committee, Treasury Monitoring Committee) to support approved projects.

Finally, an operational sphere which gathers actors such as Operational Steering Committees in the implementation of operational objectives, employee representative bodies (CE, CHSCT) are also consulted and informed in this regard.