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The OPT-NC works in telecommunications, postal and banking services. Behind its employees who work daily to fulfil public service missions, there are as many various jobs to be discovered.

If some jobs exist in some of New Caledonia’s, other public services, others are more specific and associated with the OPT-NC’s areas of expertise.

The OPT-NC is committed to a Provisional Employment (Rosters and Skills) (GPE(E)C) which aim to provide the company with "the right skill at the right place, at the right time."



Computer Sciences needs specialists

The OPT-NC’s Department for Information Systems (DSI) is without a doubt the one suffering the most from a lack of local skills. As it is the case for every highly technical company, the OPT-NC is looking for very specific profiles. Explanations with Laurent Derrien, DSI.

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