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The OPT-NC’s Department for Information Systems (DSI) is without a doubt the one suffering the most from a lack of local skills. As it is the case for every highly technical company, the OPT-NC is looking for very specific profiles. Explanations with Laurent Derrien, DSI.

In what kind of computer Sciences environment is the OPT-NC evolving today ?

Laurent Derrien : It is a constantly evolving sector, led by the significant development of digital technologies. Therefore, some profiles are lacking everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean on a global scale that is how rare specialists are becoming.  And, in New Caledonia, the Law on local Employment is an extra constraint when we are looking for Master-level engineers. The OPT-NC’s has computer science needs but also in terms of telecommunications jobs which also become computer science needs due to the standardizations of digital and computer sciences technologies.

The DSI, is a team of xx permanent employees with about ten positions constantly remaining vacant.

What Kind of profiles are you specifically looking for?

L. D. : I think it is indeed correct to talk about profiles with specific skills. We notably have needs in terms of projects management in the designing of a computing solution. Beyond technical skills, we also need people able to coordinate project actors. Digital development goes hand in hand with AGILES , that is ton say iterative, collaborative  working methods which constantly connect the different  links of the project with the initial customers. We are more in a start-up mindset now and it is very motivating.

Can we call these jobs?

L. D. : The OPT-NC is very interested in Project Manager, Scrum Manager, Java designer-developer, Computer Architects, or API Manager jobs. These are very specific jobs requiring very high-level skills. We already know that we need data specialists in the short terms. Interested New Caledonia can be sure that they will find jobs in data analysis and artificial intelligence.