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The OPT-NC set as its mission to improve the delivery of its services and expand their reach. This objective is primarily a focus for essential services, that is to say the services that goes beyond the strict regulatory framework which defines public services to be delivered by the Postal and Telecommunication services.

Essential services define the diversity of our offers in our three sectors of activity, our engagement policy and our prices aiming to make postal, financial and telecommunication services to the entire population.

New Caledonians can rely on a comprehensive service offering in terms of proximity, quality or timeframes, regardless of where they live or where they are.

The offering of products and services is varied and adapted to everyone’s expectations, needs, uses and financial needs. Therefore, New Caledonians can rely on a comprehensive service offering in terms of proximity, quality or timeframes, regardless of where they are in New Caledonia.

Offerings Diversity and Evolution

Through a constantly evolving product and service offering, the OPT-NC works to meet the needs of its clients, whether they are companies, individuals, professionals or collectivities in all of its sectors of activity.

The product and service offering is varied and constantly evolving to meet  everyone needs expectations, uses,  and financial needs. Therefore, New Caledonians can rely on a comprehensive service offering in terms of proximity, quality or timeframes, regardless of where they are in New Caledonia.

Launched on 15 December 2016, M packages are all inclusive offers combining calls and mobile internet at particularly appealing prices. This new offer is one of the biggest commercial successes since the arrival of mobile phones in New Caledonia and it changed the way customers select a mobile plan. The choice is not only driven by prices but also by usage. 

The OPT-NC is therefore responding to a strong demand from its clients by transitioning to a data-based economic model. Moreover, M packages also participate in reducing the digital divide while creating added value for the OPT-NC.

The creation of the TOP UP offer which enables to top up your data allowance through a simple SMS is also very popular with our clients.

In  order to help fight the high cost of living, the OPT-NC created  the “locked 1000” package, particularly suited to low-income earners as the cost of local calls is a lot cheaper than with a “Liberté” prepaid card.

The territory-wide optic fiber roll-out which was initiated in 2015 will enable New-Caledonian households to benefit from a modern communication network which meets future digital needs. To maximize access to wired high speed internet, no extra cost will be passed on to customers’ subscriptions.

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To make it easier for our clients, the range of “ready to post” products was expanded by the creation of pre-stamped envelope packages at appealing prices.

 New offers such as online services for individuals or; mail collecting and delivery services for professionals are being considered.

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To facilitate our customers’ autonomy, several actions aimed at providing bank cards and online services were undertaken (

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To guarantee equal opportunity, the OPT-NC must implement a balanced pricing policy approved by the Government (except for financial services whose prices are subjected to the High Commission of the French Republic’s approval).

The OPT-NC has been implementing a proactive pricing policy for several years. In the last 5 years, prices were reduced by a total 8 billion XPF across three sectors:


Since 2013, a steady reduction in prices has benefited both individuals (reduction in mobile and Internet OPTimo subscription fees, packages) and corporate development (reduction in data linking and bandwidth fees for wired internet…).

  Postal services

Thanks to PO boxes block projects, the very affordable PO box renting fee (1000 XPF per year and per PO Box) ensures that a great number of users have their mail delivered in a secured manner, close to where they live, at a reasonable cost.

  Financiers services

The OPT-NC offers the most affordable prices on the market  with services that are  on average three times  cheaper than other banks. Moreover, the OPT-NC has dropped its account service and internet subscription fees by 29 and 38 % respectively as part of its participation in price reductions monitored and coordinated by the High Commission of the French Republic between 2013 and 2017.


Beyond its proactive price reduction policy, OPT-NC must find the right financial balance between its activities which allows the company to fund itself while maintaining an investment level enabling the financing of equipment for the foreseeable future.

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The New Customer Relations Concept (NRC)

The OPT-NC relies on a sales network implanted across the territory to meet the needs of the entire population.


An Optimized Mail Delivery Network

Mail delivery is one of our missions which overlap with our role as a territory developer. the management of local and international mail is also a big part of our daily activities.