The OPT-NC fulfils a variety of missions, some of which are public service missions. The mail delivery service is one of them and overlaps with the OPT’s role as one of the country’s developer. The management of local and international mail and packages also represents a big part of daily activities. 

The OPT-NC constantly improves and modernizes its distribution network to get as close as possible to the population and its needs, whether they are on the mainland or the Loyalty Islands.  As a developer, the OPT-NC endeavors to strengthen an already dense network with many mail distribution centers and adapt resources to the country’s specificities.

PO BOX Blocks (IBP), As Close to New Caledonian as Possible

Since 2014, the OPT-NC has been working to secure mail delivery everywhere in the territory by installing PO box blocks in tribes and other locations served by the mobile postal service. In collaboration with municipalities and customary authorities, these structures are installed in strategic locations accessed by a great majority of the targeted population.

The Future of Urban Mail Delivery

Urban areas are also subjected to evaluations. Home mail delivery routes are reviewed to take into account the development of municipalities and the emergence of new suburbs and housing developments.  

Beyond home delivery areas, limited to a 3 km perimeter around an agency, urban IBPs  (up to 250 PO boxes) is the alternative  offered to the groups of far-away households.

In parallel, the OPT-NC is educating the public about the installation of normalized mailboxes “Bal’N” for professionals and individuals to guarantee reliable mail delivery.

After modernizing its infrastructures, the OPT-NC is focusing its efforts on the optimizing of procedures, as well as processing and delivery timeframes. The provision of new digital tools such as the gathering of electronic signatures on smartphones will soon make it easier for customers, and mailmen. 

The Package Division, a sector which is evolving is the object of particular attention to improve services to clients.

The brand new Postal Service Processing Centre (CTP), modern and accessible to all, opened in early 2018 in Ducos , an area with a high level of activity and economic potential.

All mail and packages transit through this center  where mail are sorted and affected to routes, the processing of packages , the affectation to agencies, the taxation of merchandises and the storage of oversized or taxed packages.   

2 other actors  are also present in the center  Customs for the monitoring of drugs and counterfeit goods , and the Veterinary , Alimentary and Phytosanitary division (SIVAP) for the monitoring of food, seeds and plants.

Customers are able to  complete administrative formalities in a single visit to the same location.

IBP installed since 2014
tribe equipped
"Urban" IBP installed

Created in 1981, the Mobile Postal Service is a service imagined to meet the needs created by New Caledonian specificities such as spread-out households and to enable the OPT-NC to deliver public services to everyone, as close as possible to  where they live.

26 agents are tasked with delivering postal services to tribes and areas located far-away from agencies.  With 2 rotations a  week on average for the 53 routes served across New Caledonia, these agents travel around 450 000 km a year at predefined dates and times, vehicles from the Mobile Postal Service stop at pre-identified locations to provide several services: Mail Delivery, the sale of stamps and “Liberté” phone  recharges as well as  the  stamping of mails, the payment of mandates,  or withdrawals and deposits on saving accounts.

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