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In order to fulfil its postal service provider’s mission, The OPT-NC’s has several distribution and processing centers for mail and packages, modern structures which are adapting to current issues.

As the focal point of mail and packages processing in New Caledonia, the Centre processes nearly 70 000 letters and 1000 packages each day.

To adapt to a growing population, developing package fluxes and evolving processes (automatized sorting, implementation of on-site customs clearance), the CTP moved to bigger headquarters , better suited to its mission, at the heart of Ducos’ industrial area on 26 February 2018. 

Its layout enables to deal with postal traffic more efficiently and notably to accelerate the customs clearance process for packages at their arrival.

The Postal Processing Centre is nowadays the agency of reference for dropping and pick up of heavy and oversized packages in Noumea. But the CTP is first and foremost an exploitation center. this 4 500m² processing center is the only one in the country.  In addition to processing international letters and packages, as well as custom clearance, the center is also responsible for sorting all mail and packages from across the country.



The CDC ensures the 23 home mail delivery tours( including 2 tours for packages) in Noumea.


As the second biggest municipalities in New Caledonia by population growth and urbanization, Dumbéa has I had ts own distribution center since 2016. The Centre undertakes 8 tours a day and has the capacity to ensure up to 15 a day.

These centers enable a better organized distribution service in the municipalities and a better quality of service for customers.
In other municipalities, agents in charge of mail distribution are hierarchically attached to the agencies under the Department for Sales Networks’ responsibility.

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