The OPT-NC relies on a sale network implanted across the country to meet the needs of the entire population.

Constantly listening to its clients, the OPT-NC is committed to modernizing its agencies thanks to the implementation of the New Customers Relations Concept (NRC) which facilitates customers’ autonomy, procedure efficiency, and accessibility to services in our three sectors of activity: postal, services, financial services and telecommunication.  Each sectors benefits from a clearly identified space and simplified procedures.

Several agencies have been completely (Koné, Ducos, Tontouta) or partially (Magenta, Nouméa Sud, Païta…) reimagined and the process is ongoing.

The NRC involves better flux management, clearer signage; identifiable areas aimed at simplifying operations and facilitate customers’ pathways.

Églantine FAFIN Directrice des réseaux de vente

The OPT-NC are also installing machines enabling everyone to make transactions by themselves : paying invoices (OPT and  ENERCAL), buying  “Liberté” phone credit in voucher form, weighting and stamping of ordinary mail up to 2 kg… 7 agencies are currently equipped with such machines:  the main agency as well as those in Nouméa Sud, Magenta, Païta, Dumbéa, Koné, Ducos.

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