The OPT-NC constantly participates in New Caledonia’s economic growth.  Among the challenges listed in the OPT2017 Plan, the development of digital technologies epitomizes the OPT-NC’s mission as a territory developer.

The OPT-NC therefore contributes to providing equal opportunities, the country’s attractiveness and the productivity gains of the New Caledonian economy. To meet this ambition, the OPT-NC is rolling out a fiber optic network accessible to all, and high-speed wireless internet which relies on 4G technology in high density and activity areas.

The OPT-NC is expanding mobile phone, landline and internet coverage by reducing dead zones.

Finally, the OPT-NC is committed to securing data transport networks, both locally, through fiber optic land loops and internationally thanks to the roll-out of a second fiber optic cable.


The OPT-NC is committed to a territory-wide process in collaboration with collectivities which participate through their public policies  incorporated in the Strategic Plan for the Digital Economy (PSEN). The OPT-NC meets the digital needs of New Caledonians regardless of their location or the kind of household they live in.   

These actions are undertaken in consultation with all local digital, audiovisual or educational actors. Regular meetings enable discussions on the expectations associated with the boom in digital uses to better support and offer mutualized solutions to promote digital services in New Caledonia.   

The shared objective is to lay the ground work for a new New Caledonian digital model which takes advantage of high-speed internet.

High speed wireless aims to provide wireless internet services and coverage to every New Caledonian in every activity area while also increasing the number of wireless sites, strengthen the 4G network.

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Wired high-speed internet must deliver the same level of service to everyone by replacing ADSL technology (copper fibers whose performances are limited) by optic fiber to facilitate the arrival of new services associated with the digital economy.

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Securing local, land, and sea networks as well as international connections to hedge against failures from the only underwater cable, Gondwana 1.

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The French Digital Technology Agency came to examine the New Caledonian model in April 2017. What was their first assessment?  New Caledonia is outpacing France, according to them, The OPT-NC is an example to follow in digital technologies ! 

Since it attracted attention during the Digital Economy Unit’s presentation at the Digital Mediation Conference 2016 in France, the New Caledonian model keenly interested the French Digital Agency. This entity which is under the authority of  the State Secretariat for Digital Technologies, within  the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, sent 2 experts to New Caledonia to analyze the local model which could become an inspiration for other Overseas Territories or even France.

A Model Pupil

Following the mission, experts highlighted the coherence between the actions aimed at developing infrastructures, services and uses. In terms of digital technology development, New Caledonia, which entrusted this mission to the OPT-NC is outpacing France, where numerous dead zones remain. These uncovered  or low coverage areas include 3 800 council which do not have access to high speed wireless internet in 2017, according to data from  The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communication and Postal Services (ARCEP).  The agency representatives also appreciated the existence of a genuine New Caledonia digital technology ecosystem including numerous actors (institutions, associations, private companies, clusters, incubators…).

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