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The OPT-NC offers the best possible service in terms of access to very high-speed wireless internet (THD). 4G technology, which is at the heart of the wireless internet development strategy, enables New Caledonia to be on a par with ultra-connected countries and support the development of the digital economy on a local level.

As the fourth generation of the standard mobile technology, 4G enables the offering of better speeds and added value services.

The OPT-NC continues to roll out very high-speed wireless internet, meeting significant challenges in the process:

  • Increase the number of mobile sites to reduce the number of dead zones by extending its network beyond the 95 % of the population already covered.
  • Ensure better wireless speed by increasing network density in heavy traffic areas, by strengthening the 3 G network and rolling out 4G on 100 % of its sites by the end of 2021
  • Meet the needs of new digital uses (streaming, video on demand, ...).
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The OPT-NC is continuing its commitment to deploy 4G, with an equipment target of 100% by the end of 2021. This was the case at the end of 2019 with 72,4% of the mobile fleet equipped with 4G. Almost 110 extensions remain to be completed by 2021  

Experiments will increase in the area of the Internet of Things. Therefore, the OPT-NC will acquire a network core dedicated to the management of relays and connected things.

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100 %
of 4G equipment target by the end of 2021
4G relays rolled out
80,5 %
of the population covered
nouveaux relais mobiles d’ici 2025