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To ensure the Best possible service delivery to the population, the OPT-NC has numerous infrastructures tasked with guaranteeing the good operation of the telecommunication network.

The technical Centers look after the production and the maintenance of the various technical infrastructures.

The Network Architecture, Documentation and Planification Centre (CADP) ensures the general coherence of telecommunication networks. It oversees the implementation of structuring operations and manages the telecommunication heritage (technical IS, ISG).

The Infrastructure Management and Transportation Networks Centre (CGIT) ensures the production, the exploitation, and the maintenance of all wired networks (copper and fiber optic) and of transportation networks.  Its mission is to build, according to plans and engineering rules provided by the CADP, the various infrastructures related to telecommunications: poles, chambers, street cabinets… underground and overhead.

The Mobile Networks Exploitation Centre (CERM) is tasked with providing technical resources to allow customer access to services and products provided by mobile networks. The CERM and more particularly the logistic and roll out unit which ensures the monitoring of the mobile network and 4 G antenna roll out. The operational teams of the CETL (Telecommunication Exploitation Centre of the Loyalty Islands) and the CETI (Telecommunication Exploitation Centre of the Outback in Kone) also participate in the roll-out.  

The Internet Access and Wired Network Exploitation Centre (CEIF) provides technical resources allowing customers to access the internet as well as to the services and products of the wired network. This Centre is entrusted with the exploitation, the maintenance and the installation of the core network for wired phone communications, of the Mutualized Services Platform (PSM), and wired internet access (copper and fiber). 


The Customers Production and Maintenance Centre (CPMC) supports all technical operations involving contact with telecommunication customers. In its operational area, it is the main center for technical installation of digital networks, with integrated services (RNIS), of prepayment devices, of FIXED GSM, ADSL connections of WINMAX and of special connections (1013) across New Caledonia.

The Telecommunication Exploitation Centre in the Outback (CETI) is tasked with overseeing all telecommunication activities beyond the line Boulouparis-Thio and manage the outback’s seven service units:

  • Bourail
  • Canala
  • Houaïlou
  • Koumac
  • La Foa
  • Poindimié
  • Pouembout

Based in Pouembout, it represents the OPT-NC in its dealings with institutions, collectivities and local authorities.

The Telecommunication Exploitation Centre for the Loyalty Islands (CETL) is tasked with overseeing  all telecommunication activities in the Loyalty Islands and manages the three service units :

  • Tadine - Maré
  • Wé - Lifou
  • Fayahoué - Ouvéa

Based in Noumea, it represents the OPT-NC in its dealings with institutions, collectivities, and local authorities.

Les SU are tasked with  :

  • Ensure the production, the maintenance and clients installations and access to telecommunication services in their area of operation; 
  • Ensure the maintenance and the good operation of the systems enabling access to mobile, wired, internet network services and data transmission; 
  • Manage the entire assets (mobile sites, phone centrals) ; 
  • Manage customer relations regarding wired phone,  ADSL, GFX,  Numéris or LCE (professional lines).
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Discover the skills and Technical Centers at the OPT-NC.

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