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The fiber optic roll-out, which started in 2015, is a major and structural challenge for New Caledonia. The objective remains the same: to have the OPT-NC’s 80 000 customers connected to the fiber optic network by 2025.

High-speed wired internet aims to provide everyone with the same level of service (performance, availability, and price), by replacing ADSL technology (copper fiber-based whose performance is limited) with fiber optic to facilitate the emergence of new services associated with the digital economy.

The FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Program is a major project which consists in shifting customers from the copper wired network to the fiber optic wired network according to a ten year calendar.  

This technical solution enables the offering of high-speed services for all New Caledonians, without geographical discrimination.

Fiber Optic technology guarantees digital equality for all with fiber optic reference speeds currently ranging from30 Mb/s and 100 MB/s.

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