For the last few years, the OPT-NC has started a genuine revolution in its practices. Customer experience has become central and must be at the heart of the OPT-NC’s daily practices and strategic orientations.

Making customer’s life easier has become essential in the next few years. The OPT-NC’s teams are working daily to put themselves in customers’ shoes and meet their needs in the best way possible or even anticipate them.

Three promises made to our clients:

  1.  Design and propose offerings which make their daily lives easier.
  2. Optimizing the customer pathway and simplify procedures.
  3. Improve service culture thanks to team members which make their customers’ lives easier.

Putting an emphasis on transparency, limiting travel, paying online, reducing waiting time in agencies are some of the objectives aiming to increase customer satisfaction.

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Customers particularly appreciate when they are given the advice which best further their interests, which is a great way to combine public service mission and economic performance. Customer culture becomes a driving force behind skill development for the OPT-NC’s agents.

Philippe MAILLET Directeur général délégué à la performance économique

The customer pathway will be reworked to enable smooth and multi-channel procedures : from the  website in the agency, to social networks or phone, from chatbot to service contracting. 

Everyone is actor of its pathway: the 3.0 customer experience has started !

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