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The OPT-NC has an extended commercial network to serve New Caledonians through numerous agencies and Customer Relations Centers.

In order to support their customers in their formalities the OPT-NC’s has different Customer Service Centers.

Located since 2019 within the Commercial Complex Ducos Le Centre, the Customer Service Hotline is organized around a phone platform dedicated to responding to customers’ demands.  At the heart of the relation between the OPT-NC and its clients, the 1000 number offers customer service and technical support in the three areas of expertise of the OPT-NC: mail and packages, telecommunications, and financial services.

Managed by the Sales Network Department (DRV), the 1012 is available 24 h /24 h and 7 days /week. Teams are providing customers with phone numbers and addresses upon request.

The 1012 also manages the termination of mobile plans and the signaling of problems on special connections, outside business hours.

 On average, about 450 000 calls a year (37 500 a month) are answered in a year by operators working  for this service.

Managed  by the Maintenance and Production Centre (CPMC), the  1013 is the dedicated interface allowing clients to signal  perturbations on their phone line , optic fiber or ADSL connection to the OPT-NC’s technicians.

The CFN manages more than 45 000  Postal Checking Accounts(CCP) and more than  100 000 saving accounts, which means that the OPT-NC plays a major role in granting access to banking services to a larger portion of the population and makes it a major player in the country’s banking landscape.