OPT-NC, partner of the 24th Telethon in New Caledonia

From Saturday, December 8, 2018 to Sunday, December 9, 2018 (from 8 am to 10 pm), for 38 hours, the territory will, for the 24th consecutive year, join the 32nd Telethon organized by the French Association against Myopathies (AFM -NC) in partnership with the OPT-NC, for the benefit of international research on genetic diseases.

This great mobilization of the Telethon has the sole purpose of raising funds for research against genetic diseases. In New Caledonia we count people with one of these incurable diseases.

With your momentum of solidarity and thirty years of research, families are beginning to find hope. Indeed, a large part of the genes responsible for these diseases is identified allowing the search for molecules and then the production of drugs.

OPT-NC, a Telethon partner, makes group telephone lines available to the AFM-NC, produces voice announcements for the 3637 and centralizes the pledges it then gives to the AFM-NC.

The AFM (French Association against Myopathies) and the OPT-NC, both celebrate this year their 60 years!

The AFM was created in 1958 by a handful of parents of sick children, determined to do everything to save their children from a death announced by medicine and science. At that time, she fought with weapons that we now seem derisory: the sale of greeting cards or boxes of chocolate supported the efforts to recognize the neuromuscular diseases.

Support the search by calling 3637

Today, donors can call 3637 (free call from a landline) to pledge a donation for TELETHON.

On the phone you will be asked for your first name, your NAME, your exact address of address or your Mailbox and your telephone number. Then you will communicate the amount you wish to pay to the Telethon. From Monday, you will receive at your address an envelope AFM TELETHON which will contain various documents:

  • A prepaid envelope with an address in France and a confirmation slip of your promise. In this one you will put your check in FRANCS PACIFIQUE that you will post, as soon as possible, in a box of the OPT-NC. The Office will take care of recovering them and transmitting them to the AFM-NC.
  • You will also find a support voucher that you can pass on to a family member or friend. This one can make a donation to the Telethon by sending one in FRANCS PACIFIC that you will post, as soon as possible, in a box of the OPT-NC. As with your donation, the Office will pick them up and send them to the AFM-NC.
  • You will finally find a word of thanks and information on the use of your donations.

The OPT-NC invites you to mobilize on December 8th and 9th.
Contact the 3637!

Affiche du Téléthon 2018


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