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The OPT-NC is now a Partner of New Caledonia’s Digital Technology Week!

As a company committed to an RSO process, the OPT-NC naturally partnered the Government to promote New Caledonia’s Digital Technology Week, which aims to make it easier for people to use digital technologies on their own.

 This event is an opportunity to broaden digital technologies’ reach by informing people who do not have access to computers  and enable them  to use digital technologies on their own  thanks to provided training. The OPT-NC is therefore a key supporter of New Caledonia’s Digital Technology Week, along with the Government of New Caledonia.

Affiche semaine calédonumérique 2020



The concept behind this event, which participates in building solidarity and social cohesion, fully inscribes itself within our RSO process which aims to transform the OPT-NC into a responsible and ethical digital actor in New Caledonia.

Digital Inclusion or e-inclusion is a process which aims to make digital technologies accessible to every individual and teach them the digital skills which will facilitate their economic and social inclusion.

It involves allocating resources to fight digital exclusion and facilitate digital access to all. This may translate into facilitating access to computers, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) learning, training…  facilitating people’s access to new technologies in their own time. 

Therefore, Digital inclusion covers the various ways to fight the digital divide as part of the dematerialization of public services.

Organized by the Department for Youth and Sports (DJS) of the Government of New Caledonia, and now supported by the OPT-NC, New Caledonia’s Digital Technology Week will take place from 21-28 September 2020 in all of the territory’s Digital Public Spaces (EPN) thanks to the organization of thematic workshop run by qualified facilitators.

Espaces publics numériques (EPN)
Digital Public Spaces (EPN) - photo credits: Government of New Caledonia


Free workshops that are open to all are organized in all the EPN, they are ran by qualified facilitators and will cover various topics:

  • Using Provincial and Municipal E-Services
  • Paying  Your OPT-NC Bill Online /  Receiving your OPT-NC Bill Through the Internet 
  • Information on the Dangers of the Internet
  • Video / photo Editing
  • Information on Using Social Media
  • Create an e-mail Account
  • Create a Professional Facebook Page

We will use these workshops to promote our online services and demonstrate how they can make our customers’ life easier by showing them how to :

  • Pay your bills online in a few clicks,
  • Receive your bill(s) through the internet and save paper.

Spread the word! and don’t hesitate to come and learn how to use the internet!