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Incoming Changes to Mobile Offerings in 2022

The last Board of Directors meeting of the year, chaired by Mr. Yoann LECOURIEUX, approved 16 resolutions and examined 3 information notes. The new mobile  offerings to be made available in 2022 were approved. 

Changes to the following services are coming in 2022:

  • M packages, (mobile talk, text and data)
  • the range of  TOP UP recharges,
  • the 4G Mobile Internet option,
  • Prepaid offers (Liberté),
  • the customer journey,
  • new services.
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Forfaits M

A new range of M packages, including the following features will be launched on April 1, 2022 :

  • increase in DATA allowance,
  • introduction of  a package with"Unlimited" local calls to fixed and cell phones,
  • reduction of the offering to 4 packages for more simplicity,
  • Mobile Internet speeds up to 150 Mbps.


New offerings (available in in April 2022):

Packages Voice Data SMS maximum speed Mb/s Rates in XFP
Excl. tax Vat included
M 1 Go 1h 1 Go Unlimited 150/30 943 1 000
M 5 Go


5 Go 150/30 2 830 3 000
M 25 Go 5h 25 Go 150/30 5 660 6 000
M 100 Go Unlimited 100 Go 150/30 9 434 10 000

Discounts on Forfaits M remain applicable according to the same terms (-20% for 18-25 year olds and over 60 year olds).

Evolution of the TOP UP recharge offering

In order to improve the quality of its services, the OPT-NC continuously updates and diversifies its TOP UP recharge offerings which allow users to increase their internet data allowance. DATA offerings 1120 and 1121 are increased, free of charge, while a new TOP UP is created to meet the needs of the most consuming customers.

New offerings available from April 2022:

Offers Data Rates in XFP
excl. tax Vat included
1120 1 Go 755 800
1121 5 Go 1 132 1 200
1122 10 Go 1 887 2 000


Evolution of the 4G Mobile Internet Option (IM4G)

The "IM4G" subscriptions also benefit from an improvement to

  • increase DATA allowance up to 100 GB thanks to a new package ,
  • Improve the customer experience by increasing all speeds to 150/30 Mbps.

New offerings available from March 2022:

Offrers Data Down/up speed Speed after quota exceeded Rate in XFP
Excl. tax Vat Included
IM4G 1 Go 1 Go 150/30 512 kbps 1 500 1 590
IM4G 5 Go

5 Go

150/30 512 kbps 2 500 2 650
IM4G 25 Go 25 Go 150/30 512 kbps 4 000 4 240
IM4G 50 Go 50 Go 150/30 512 kbps 6 500 6 890
IM4G 100 Go 100 Go 150/30 512 kbps 10 000 10 600


Evolution in Customer Service

The OPT-NC wishes to propose a series of changes from the second half of 2022, which are eagerly awaited by New Caledonian customers and close to international standards.

Among these major changes, customers will discover the first Mobilis application.

This application will bring much functionalities at user’s fingertips and simplify their life; For example, they will among other things be able to monitor their SMS, internet and call consumption in real time; monitor their bill in real time or recharge their “Liberté” prepaid account via a credit card. 

Changes to the Liberté prepaid offerings

In the second half of the year, the OPT-NC will completely revamp the Liberté offering by making significant changes to the "Liberté kit", and offering a mobile Internet connection from the time of purchase.

To meet the needs of everyone, several top-up offerings will also be created.

 Customers will not only have access to new mobile internet offerings but also to a new type of recharge: the "packaged" recharges including calls, SMS, and mobile internet for a low price.

Provision of New Services

Finally, several new services are currently being tested. They could be commercialized by the end of 2022. Among these possible new services are the "credit transfer service" allowing customers to transfer credit between two Liberté numbers, and the "credit advance" allowing a customer to continue to use his or her phone temporarily despite a lack of credit (deducted from the next top-up).