Free Wi-Fi Connexon in Koumac

The OPT-NC signed a Partnership Agreement with the city of Koumac regarding the roll-out of a public Wi-Fi network, on Thursday 10 September 2020.

In order to create a free Wi-Fi network in public areas, The OPT-NC, as an actor in territorial development, supports municipalities in their endeavor to roll-out wi-fi terminals in public areas.

The emergence of smartphones and tablets as well as the explosion of social media usage created a very high demand for wireless connectivity.  Since cities have to be smart and digital technology-friendly, providing free public Wi-Fi to residents and visitors in administrative buildings, parks, gardens, media libraries, and tourist areas is a must.

To fulfil the commitments, it has made and the vision it has developed   in the last several years, The OPT-NC offers to pay for the investment costs of WI-FI terminals rolled-out by municipalities as part of their projects.  

These terminals are connected to the municipal network either through ADSL or Optic Fiber.

19 free and secured internet access points will be roll-out in Koumac in 12  public locations that are  either highly frequented  or housing  socio-educational equipment.

Carte des 19 bornes wifi prochainement installées à Koumac
Map of the 19 Wi-fi terminals soon to be rolled-out in Koumac.


The City of Koumac  pays for the setting-up, connection and management costs of internet access. 

The OPT-NC pays for the Wi-Fi terminals and their replacement in case of a malfunction, for an estimated total cost of 1.406 million XPF.

The same project has already been fully implemented in Nouméa, Mont-Dore or Païta  and  Dumbéa  in the greater Nouméa area.  Discussions are currently taking place regarding a similar roll-out in La Foa.