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Framework Cooperation Agreement between CLC and OPT-NC

On Monday, December 17, Philippe Gervolino, General Manager of the OPT-NC and Louis-Jacques Vaillant, Director General of the SIC, signed a framework agreement to implement several lines of cooperation between the two entities in the perspective of achievement of their respective strategic plans.

This "framework agreement" type agreement promotes both a strengthening of the links between the management and operational teams, aiming to facilitate the realization of mutual projects, to be more efficient and to pool resources whenever possible.

Signature d'une convention entre la SIC et l'OPT-NC
Philippe GERVOLINO, General Manager of OPT-NC (left) and Louis-Jacques Vaillant, Director General of SIC (right) at the signing of the agreement.


The interactions already identified are numerous and revolve around three major axes: the digitization of New Caledonia, the distribution of mail and the development and management of the heritage.


It translates into the facilitation of the fiber optic connection of sites managed by the CLC, including the rehabilitation operations, as well as the integration of alternatives to fiber with mobile solutions, especially when a building delivered is not connected to the optical fiber, or for the particular case of student residences for example; facilitating the deployment of mobile network coverage; and the development of the notions of SMART Technology and SMARTGRID around the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing for example the development of anti-fire, anti-intrusion and energy control systems, etc.

Mail delivery

This axis concerns the facilitation of mail distribution to SIC buildings, particularly for remote residences.

Heritage development and management

They aim to increase collaboration in the development strategies of CLC's future real estate projects and OPT-NC deployment programs. This involves collaboration and anticipation through respective exchanges of information on future real estate projects and programs; a systematic consideration of NCI's future real estate operations in OPT-NC's deployment programs (mail distribution, THD, mobile network); anticipations on the connection to the postal, telephone and Internet networks of new residences in order to maintain their delivery period (residences with elevators in particular) and to allow tenants to subscribe their telephone and Internet subscriptions as soon as they enter the dwelling; and simplify the access of OPT-NC staff to SIC intermediary housing thanks in particular to a regular exchange with the HRTO of the OPT-NC to better identify needs.

These interactions will improve the lives of New Caledonians, of whom almost 15% (40,000 people) occupy a CLC housing.