Board Meeting Convened on 09/09/20

A Board meeting, chaired by Yoann Lecourieux, took place on 9 September Koné. 3 Deliberation were approved and 3 information notes were presented. The signing of an agreement regarding a joint buying organization was particularly noteworthy.

Committed to a RSO (Social Responsibility of Companies) process and to the creation of synergies with its partners, the OPT-NC decided to form a joint buying organization with the New Caledonian Government’s Department for Purchasing Heritage and Resources (DAPM) to transition towards  a more responsible public procurement process aiming to keep increasing the efficiency and the quality of services while fully optimizing costs.  

The Agreement defines the form of the joint buying organization, its operating modalities, its members, its coordinator, its missions and the Tender Committee responsible for awarding contracts.

For the moment, this joint buying organization is limited to the provision of cars between the Government and the OPT-NC but could be progressively extended to other areas.

Conseil d'administration à Koné