In compliance with the principle of equal treatment of candidates, so that they have the same information and deadlines for the formulation of their offer, the public person will inform applicants who have removed a file, any changes or information complementary to the documents of the consultation, as well as the answers to questions put by one or more candidates. This information will be sent, by the deadlines defined in the RPAO, by email, to the address that you have entered in the form.

We invite you to verify that the coordinates entered are correct.

Attribution notice

Avis d'attribution- août 2021

Prestation intellectuelle

L'office des postes et télécommunications de Nouvelle-Calédonie informe de l’attribution du marché public suivant :

Objet : Prestations d’assistance au chef de projet et aux maîtrise d'ouvrage sur le cadrage du projet SID MKT DT TELECOM;

Titulaire : IFINGO ; Montant : minimum 1.007.000 XPF TTC, maximum 5.035.000 XPF TTC