The OPT-NC is the owner of two subsidiaries: OFFRATEL, New Caledonia’s biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP) and CITIUS, a data and IT infrastructure host through its data center.

Logo Lagoon

The holding OFFRATEL, under its business name Lagoon, currently has around 22 500 subscribers spread around the country. Its main mission is to sell internet connections and digital services to individuals, businesses and governmental departments.

OFFRATEL, the biggest Internet Service Provider in New Caledonia, currently holds 41 % of market shares and is strengthening its leadership position.

The board of OFFRATEL is composed of:

  • Gaël YANNO, President - Deputy : Sacha BENISTI,
  • Jean-Louis D’ANGLEBERMES - Deputy : Nancy BERNALEAU,
  • Serge NEWLAND - Deputy : Christophe DELIERE.
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Logo citius

Acquired by the OPT-NC in 2008, the semi-public company CITUS was tasked with the dispatching of international communications. The company became a single shareholder simplified joint stock company and announced the opening of its data center to provide IT hosting services.

On 6 March 2018, CITIUS lost the market for the management of the international phone traffic and focused its activities on hosting and data center services.

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The Board of Directors (CA) of CITIUS of May 2, 2019 decided, with regard to the negative outlook of the New Caledonian market, to put an end to its loss-making datacenter activity. The decision was confirmed by the OPT-NC Board of Directors on May 7th.

Customers are accompanied to migrate to other solutions. The transition is expected to be completed in late September 2020.

The Nouville site will become in 2021 a technical telecom center hosting the landing of the second international submarine cable, the domestic extension, DSI equipment ...

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