Through its three activities, The OPT-NC develops a real expertise daily and offers New Caledonians the ability to hold the world in the palm of their hand.

  • Ensure the conception, the production and the exploitation of Telecommunications Networks and access to services,
  • Commercialize products  and services for landlines ; mobile phones and internet access,
  • Offer  new products and services that meet needs and uses,
  • Ensure the publication of the official phonebook, 
  • Manage the domain name “.nc” for the Government of New Caledonia.
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mobile sites
69 606
landline subscribers
109 383
mobile subscriptions
108, 3
millions of SMS sent each year
11 000
customers connected to the fiber optic network
33 794
mobile internet users
22 000
connectable to the fiber optic network
1 260
Céléris Ethernet connections
4G equipped sites
  • Ensure  mail and packages  routing and distribution, 
  • Offer new products and services adapted to needs and uses, 
  • Put an annual philatelic program in place.

With a turnover of 2.22 billion XPF, mail and packages represents 10 % of the OPT-NC’s total revenue in 2018.

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70 000
letters processed each day
1 000
packages processed every day
mail delivery tours
Mobile Postal Service tours
52 500
mailboxes covered
63 334
available mailboxes
PO box blocks installed (IBP)
  • Provide payment methods, 
  • Provide postal checking and saving accounts (CCP) as well as their associated services,
  • Ensure the management of customers’deposits, 
  • Provide new offers and products.

With 596 million XPF generated in revenue, financial services represents 2% of the OPT-NC’s total revenue in 2018.

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48 745
postal checking accounts (CCP)
102 466
saving accounts
97 000
account balance checks per month
million ATM withdrawals
13 686
subscriptions to
20 359
Visa cards