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Our network of agencies is constantly adapting to the flux of clients to support local economic development.

Our network of agencies is constantly adapting to the flux of clients to support local economic development.

Therefore new agencies have opened their doors in high growth areas such as La Coulée, Dumbéa, Panda, Païta, or Saint-Joseph (Ouvéa).

In the North, the OPT-NC participated in the creation of a new trade point inside the Lapita Building which includes a new agency on the ground floor.  

The OPT-NC is also modernizing its agencies via the New Customer Relation Concept based on personalized services.

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The OPT-NC continues to strengthen its 2G/3G and 4G mobile relay networks to reduce dead zones.

Technical Building modernizations or renovations (Unit or Service Centers) also contribute to improving overall operations and offers employees better working conditions.

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Proximity and accessibility are two of the OPT-NC’s core values. Beyond the strengthening of the telecommunication network and the development of digital technologies, these values also transpire in the OPT-NC’s financial and postal services:

Strengthening the Automatic Transaction Machines Network

The OPT-NC commits to improving access to financial services by rolling- out automatic transaction machines (ATM) everywhere in the country.  The OPT-NC offers the biggest ATM network in Greater Noumea, the outback, and the Loyalty Islands.

Increasing accessibility also means providing more bank cards to the population and promote their use.

Optimizing Mail Delivery

 As for postal services, the roll out of PO Box blocks (IBP) provides a quality solution for isolated populations.   The OPT-NC has been working to secure mail delivery everywhere in the country since 2014 by setting up IBPs in the tribes served by the mobile postal service.

To better meet the needs of ever-growing populations and councils, several home mail delivery routes were created or modified.

Modernizing and Expanding the Network of Agencies

Relying on a 54 agencies, the sales network adapts, modernizes, and expands all over the country to meet the needs of the population.

The inauguration of the new Lapita agency in Koné, one of the biggest and most modern in New Caledonia, concretely symbolizes the willingness to address the current economic and social imbalance supported by the OPT-NC. This agency implements the New Customer Relations Concept (NCR): a reimagined customer pathway and simplified signage to facilitate transactions.