As an actor of the country’s planning and economic balance, the OPT-NC works to facilitate a responsible economy and maintain social connections to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The OPT-NC is constantly committed to serving its clients even beyond its areas of expertise by supporting actions and initiatives which participates in the building of an eco-responsible and civic society.

The OPT-NC acts in a concrete manner to facilitate a more humane and responsible society by privileging a constant search for solutions to reduce its impact on the environment and notably improving its energy performance.

The undertaking of a carbon assessment, the improvement in buildings’energy efficiency, the recycling of waste, the dematerialization of documents or the optimization of IT equipment are some of the actions taken by the OPT-NC to benefit the environment. These actions are a part of an energy management plan.

The OPT-NC fully embraces its social and environmental responsibilities and therefore participates in the climate public policy started by New Caledonia.

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In parallel, the OPT-NC supports the country’s economic development through partnerships with the network of local associations, by supporting the creation of companies and the emergence of an ecosystem which facilitates innovations and the organization’s digital transition.

 The OPT-NC contributes to economic initiatives for a sustainable development, facilitate access to essential, innovative, responsible services which are respectful of the environment. for all users.

The OPT-NC also acts to facilitate a more supportive society by privileging the fight against isolation and economic and social exclusion prevention.

The OPT-NC desires to affirm this ambition by making it one of the pillars of its next strategic plan.

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